Over the past 5 years we have grown very stongly (200%) and now belong to one of the largest cookie factories in the Netherland and England with more growth to come.

We say because of our so very important principles which form an integral part of Van Delft. Just do it!, Improve every day!, Consistent simplicity!

By working every day to these success factors, we are able to provide 6 guarantees to our customers:

  1. Customer focussed: Proactive, cooperative and fast.
  2. Innovation: many great new products.
  3. Good margins and competitive prices: Elected as the 'Golden Partner of Retail'
  4. High quality: Excellent test panel results.
  5. Reliability: High delivery performance, we do what we say.
  6. Lots of choice: Over 30 product groups, 14 high speed production lines featuring modern technology at our two factories. ( Harderwijk NL & Wigan UK)

I hope you'll enjoy doing business with Van Delft and that our great products will bring you success, so you can say Van Delft is indeed 'my favourite partner in biscuits'.


Ir Oscar S. de Lange
Director & Owner

Your most favourite partner in biscuits!